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Hijo de la Noche

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Behind The Scenes


NESHE drew attention in the music world with her first single 'Hijo De La Noche', the lyrics and music of Neshe and Anuelli. The song's arrangement, consisting of spanish and english lyrics, was signed by DJ Bonne, and the video was directed by Irem Haykir. The video for the song, which draws attention for its unique scenes, was shot in and around Mardin in about 3 days with a crew of 20 people. The costumes for the video were made by Gustavo Adolfo Tari, the designer of stars like Shakira, Rosalia, Nathy Peluso. Lorenzo Hannah, who was the choreographer for artists like Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo, Bruno Mars, accompanied the video with his dances.

The song reached one million views on YouTube within weeks of its release and garnered huge attention in Latin America and the Balkans.

One of the most important channels in Colombia, 'Canal RCN', featured prominent artists such as Cali y el Dandee, Juanes, Bad Gyal, Mon Laferte, as well as NESHE and 'Hijo de la Noche'. Featured as a special guest on radio shows in Peru and Mexico, especially on Colombia's most famous radio station 'RCN', NESHE was also highly appreciated for her fluency in Spanish.

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